Thanks for stopping by, welcome!

First, it was me

I don’t know if I really like calling myself an expat, but ‘nomad’ shoe does sure fit me. I’ve left my country of birth over 13 years ago and have not looked back since. Finding new home is not easy, but I believe that you can feel home in more than one place. I am grateful for being able to live overseas and travel to so many amazing places (even though I do need a regular reminder of that – as with everything, you need to get perspective to appreciate what you’ve got!).

Abroad living gave me lots – from first real job, experiences I’ve not even dreamt of, amazing friends to love of my life and then another little human down the track.

Between my husband and I, we have lived on 4 continents, in 6 countries and 8 cities. We of course don’t mind changing that number again in the future!

Then, came the ‘Why’

Writing has always been close to my heart and this blog is a personal challenge that I started in 2016. Hungry for creative and ‘bigger’ things in life, rebelling against just 9-5 or daily errands, I decided to create Nomad Diaries. Here, I share my experiences and thoughts on living abroad, finding your favourite place(s) on Earth and motherhood.

But that’s not all! I’ve got a lot of favourite topics (hello you, scanner), so you can expect to see some posts about good food, wellness, coffee (love) or lifestyle.


Finally, It’s About You

I am excited you are here! It already means the world to me if you’re reading my posts and following my journey. Big Thanks.

From a personal challenge to reaching out to audience, I hope my diaries will be

  • both useful and inspiring for you, if you’re considering living abroad
  • familiar thoughts, ideas and challenges, with a new fresh perspective, if you’re already living overseas.

But, more over  — I hope the Nomad Diaries will be interesting and light over-coffee read for any of you and that you will be stopping by regularly.

Keep an eye on my new posts and go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!