March in Wellness: My Top Picks

Monthly wellness wrap up just for you.

This has been a busy month with work, catching up with good friends, work, making plans, dealing with almost (terrible) 2 year old’s moods, a few sick days… All this, whilst reading up on wellness news and patiently awaiting the spring to arrive. Where the heck are you, lady?

Ok, it’s time to brew that coffee.

And, let’s get started with our top reading picks:

On no-make up trend – this seem to be overtaking the world! I saw so many posts, videos and magazines featuring the ‘au naturale’, no-make up faces. I don’t use a foundation, but could not live without the under-eye concealer or my mascara! If you want to try the no-make up thing yourself, here are some good tips. Plus, this video made me lough out loud- Taryn Toomey has done it brilliantly!

On super short workouts – coming across this made me so happy! Sometimes all you really have is a few minutes, right? Take a look at some of those great exercise ideas are included!

On turmeric latte – here is how easily you can make it at home! Have you tried it yet? Lots of people claim they love it. I am not yet convinced about the taste.. But, as I love the benefits of turmeric, I try it at home every now and then and it slowly grows on me. I tend to add a little honey to mine, so it doesn’t taste all peppery and blaaaahhhh.

On the world’s favourite avocado – if you’re like me (and millions of other people on the planet), you love avocado. On toast, scooping it out with a spoon, in a salad or in chocolate moose…But, how much is too much?

tomatoes- elaine-casap

On new food and drink trends – watch this space! Some exciting new foods to be seen very soon. Those coconut chips :)

On new food labels – something new to keep an eye on when out grocery shopping.

On being ‘flexitarian’ – this is a new trend we spotted last year and it now becomes more and more popular. The reasons and benefits flexitarianism seem to be multiple including more balanced, plant-packed diet choices, sustainability or being aware of the environment.

I would describe my family as being flexitarians – and my meat-loving husband half of the times doesn’t realise that every second meal we eat is vegetarian or vegan. Score.

On cardio vs.weights battle – feels like when talking wellness you will always get to that conversation at some point! Ha. I recently started to do more strengths training and I’m really enjoying it. I am probably still far from seeing big results, but this round up from Livestrong answered some of the questions I’ve had.

On obesity and food – the quinoa question‘ explained. Should be adjusting the way we eat to the way we live?

On your new (moving) target – this could be a good news (or bad?) for some. Well, time to get that step counter out again!

Which one was your favourite wellness read or topic? Do leave me a comment below.

Peace, friends.