Big & Small Travel with Kids Mini Series

Here is a new Travel with Kids mini series. And, ohhh, you will get inspired!

Being a new(ish) mum, I often hear mix things about travel with kids.

I hear parents announcing that their travel life’s over – they just voluntarily surrender themselves to the ‘we are never going to travel anywhere or be adventurous again’. I hear parents being terrified of their first flight with their baby

too much stuff to take!

what if he/she screams during the flight?

I don’t want to disrupt the routine!

how will heat up milk while traveling?

timezone changes are too challenging! – 

all this to a point when they never actually take that first trip.

And then I see parents that just get up and go and do it, despite all fears and weird things that grandparents or strangers would say (‘your child will never remember anyway if you travel or not!’ oh, poor thing, so tiring for the little one! OR ‘it’s just to long of a journey, you must be insane!’).

My sister and her new family went road-tripping for 1 month across the U.S when their son was just 5 months old. They flew in from Europe to Seattle, WA. Took a couple of flights, drove for thousands of miles and jumped on another flight across the country. All to hang out in busiest city of all (NYC) and then take another day-long road trip down to a charming island off Virginia. Yes, they probably had the most horrendous long haul flight of their life with no sleep and the baby-just-won’t-stop-crying situation somewhere 30,000ft above the Atlantic, but they did it and don’t regret it.


Go on, live a little (more)

Those kind of parents believe that their life doesn’t end when their child is born – they just now get to start something new and explore the world with their little companion(s) in tow. Is it different? Hell yes. Is it worth it? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Big and Small Travel Blog Series

And, hey, do they explore! Parents I know and see around or follow on social media travel with their kids in every possible way. Everything counts – weekends away, road trips, long or short haul flights, city breaks, camping, beach, full-time travel, occasional or impromptu travel…

So here in this new blog post series, I am going to introduce you to some of those amazing inspiring families that follow their travellers’ heart and continue to see the world with their kids. And often learn to see it differently, through their kids’ eyes.

You will meet families that travel full time; live abroad and explore their new backyards; are serial whenever-we-can-travelers with a permanent base. Each of them are unique and great example of getting out there and doing it – however it works and suits their lifestyle. The most important message is that they DO travel with kids and prove all non-believers and sceptics out there that it is possible. Or, do we even dare to say, enjoyable!

I hope that the stories and examples we’ll share with you, will give you what you need the most right now – whether it is inspiration or encouragement to travel more with kids OR just being content with where you’re right now. Even if it means enjoying your neighborhood and walks to your local park, until you and your kids are really ready for for that first trip.

Keep an eye on the first post!

Stay curious,

Ags x

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Photo credit (feature only): Jenn Evelyn-Ann on Unsplash