February in Wellness: My Top Picks

Are you wellness blogs and health news junkie? Me too.

So, we returned from holidays end of last week and, as usual, that miserable back-to-the-routine feeling hit me hard. It’s so damn hard when dealing with jetlag and colder weather as ‘welcome home’! The results are looooong and hazy (seems like it) days, sleepy short evenings, dark mornings with heavy eyelids and jugs of strong coffee. But in all this – stayin’positive… – it could have been much worse: at least our little Fern has been sleeping well, letting us deal with our own jetlag and adjustment to reality in our own way. Repeat after me: happy child – happy life!

Whenever I am on holidays, away or out of my routine for a little while, I feel behind with some of my regular pastimes or out of sync with my habits. Whether that is fitness, adding bee pollen to morning pancakes, reading up the latest on health and wellness, mid-morning green tea cuppa, watching YouTube cooking videos or reading that half a page of book before bedtime. They say that you should take time to yourself during holidays and relax the way it makes you feel good. But, since having a baby I find it hard to believe that it will ever be possible again!

Heart bowl of fruit

Are you on top of the latest wellness trends and news this month? Me neither.

Hence, I sorted that ton of blogs’ subscription/ newsletters/ online mags emails sitting in my inbox this month and put together a friendly list of some interesting articles and reads. Just in time to start afresh- it’s March already tomorrow!

So. If you lucky enough to find a few moments to put your feet up and relax anytime soon, go ahead and start clicking below.

Enjoy with me; I’ll warm up that espresso machine now – here we go!

  • On smartly using  apple cider vinegarNever enough knowledge the wonderful APCV!
  • On stress and its friend cortisol. And how to reduce it. Always useful to remember, before and after holidays.
  • On the birdies called chickens not doing so great – some sad (and dreadful) news for those breast lovers. Eeeek.
  • On quality (workout) over quantity- new interesting study, that may make many happy, revealed.
  • On lean body. And why ditching those evil scales may be a good thing.
  • On boosting vitamin D. Talking eggs, greens and sunshine.
  • On new ‘cool’ thing to do, aka staying-in. Friday is a new Monday. Hold on, what happen to actual Friday then?
  • On beach bods wanting wine. I find interesting the fact #3. IF I would be thinking about waistline when drinking wine, I probably would go opposite-  with reds- for lower sugar content!
  • On no-nos of the wonder of oils: coconut oil.
  • Plus, something funny on clearly too much of coconut oil!



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Photo credit: Jamie Street and Gaele Marcel @Unsplash.