What to do in Savannah

Savannah is so charming! If you have a chance, add it to your list of U.S travels

No special public holiday weekend here over the summer, but there was nothing stopping us. A short (at least) break was long overdue! Savannah was somewhere there on our list, not on the top of it though. It met our criteria at that time – it was perfect distance for a long weekend away from NYC, mix of city and outdoor activities, good food and cheap flights!

Things to know

Savannah in August is hot, man! It was really humid and sticky. It definitely reminded us of Singapore days… Fern is clearly not used to hot muggy days – New York hot summers do not match Georgia! She got heat rash and curly blonde afro hair most of the time.  So, if you have a choice, maybe my suggestion would be to skip the summer time and try for spring or autumn.


Savannah is all about the historic central district. Everything you want to see is up or down from Forsyth Park (we definitely spent more time up from the park, looking towards the river). If you have a chance, stay around that area to get the best experience. That way you can walk around, without a need for taxis or public transport.


Interesting thing we’ve learnt there was that you can enjoy a cold boozy drink while you walk around! :) As long as it is in a plastic cup, you are good to go. Pretty nice to have that option – and we of course took advantage of it – especially if you walk everywhere and it’s steaming outside.

Despite the heat, we loved everything about it! Here are my ideas on what to do in Savannah.

What to do in Savannah

Day 1

Wandering around the historical district – a must do. The old town is made of 24 little squares and it is beautiful to walk around there. The most popular square is no doubt Chippewa Square, located on Bull between Hull and Perry Streets. It was where Forrest Gump was sitting and telling his story in the movie!

Each street is surrounded by those charming Southern Live Oaks, which remind me some of the old movies or historical fiction books.


Savannah Riverfront – it is a nice walk around the waterfront, which you need to get to by taking lift or stairs down from the Bay Street. There are also a few bars and restaurants you can check out.

Georgia State Railroad Museum – it was close to where we were staying and some of us enjoy looking at trains, so… It was fairly quiet and a few things to see, so give it a go if you have extra time!



Points of interest, food and drink: 

  • City Market – a little square / area with art galleries, boutique shops and bars and restaurants with outside sitting. Pretty lovely to walk around there and do some window shopping or take away cocktail (why not!).
  • Kayak Cafe – popular cafe for lunch or dinner on East Broughton St. Food was good, but nothing original or fancy. You had lots of options to choose from. Some decent vegetarian eats too. Fern loveeeed her tomato soup. Ps- it’s a small place, be mindful of it during lunch hours.
  • The Coffee Fox – fantastic central location and great coffee. I loved the decor there and it was never too busy for us to find a quiet seat for the 3 of us. Savannah has some great coffee scene!
  • Moon River – great, chilled spot for cold craft beer that you will so want in Savannah! A beer garden was a great bonus and perfect for a break with kids. We also ate dinner there – food was typical pub food, which worked well after a day of walking around. But don’t expect salads galore or fancy sharing plates.

Day 2

Tybee Island if you have extra time, rent a car and drive to Tybee Island. We had a great time on the South Beach and the water was just beautiful to swim in (I am not a fan of cold water, so this means a lot coming from me). Perfect activity to do on a hot day. Sun get strong there, so remember your SPF.


Bonaventure Cemetery – charming, quiet and mysterious historical cemetery. Worth visiting to soak up some history, whether you are into this stuff or not. It’s just under 20 min drive from the historic district, so you will need a car.




Points of interest, food and drink: 

  • The Funky Brunch Cafe – place when you can make your own pancakes! Heaven for kids :) It was quite fun way to start the day.
  • Sentient Bean – hands down my favorite lunch in Savannah, and probably the most simple one! Had that amazing smoke bbq tofu wrap, followed by good coffee and a brownie. Mind blowing!
  • Mellow Mushroom – pretty tasty pizza place! Their dough is gluten free and it was just delicious! Pizza was HUGE.

Day 3 

Farmers market – at Forsyth Park on every Saturday morning. If you want to get some fresh fruit or veg, and stare at this lovely healthy produce, that’s the place to be! Just before you go and stuff your face with some kolache at the Foxy Loxy Cafe!

Oatland Island Wildlife Center – it is approx. 20-25 min drive from the city, in direction of Tybee island. Get ready for some heat if you are traveling in summer and bug bites! If you are traveling with kids, it is a fun thing to do – you can see some crocodiles, wolves and other interesting creatures. If you are traveling solo, as a couple or you aren’t into animals – I think I would save my time for more cocktails in the charming Savannah!


Food and drink: 

  • 17 Hundred 90 Inn – happy hour 4-7pm. It has a little mystery about it, darker and old school pub. I couldn’t help to think that we are back in England (minus TV screens at the bar). We got one of the speciality cocktails there and head over for dinner to Collins Quarter.
  • Collins Quarter Café Bar – lovely decor and quite chic. The place was booming during lunchtime, but if you are planning earlier dinner, you should still get a seat. The food was lovely, although not much for vegetarian options… The cocktails were amazing though! Try that lavender lime combo, delicious. During the day, Collins also serves a pretty good coffee, so it’s another cool spot you can get your caffeine fix in Savannah.



Day 4

Wormsloe Historic Sitearound 20 mins drive from the city. It used to be a large estate established by one of Georgia’s colonial founders. It is a beautiful old plantation with charming gate entrance and avenue of southern oaks.


Forsyth Park city’s landmark; huge park just south of Gaston Street. Lovely to wander around and get yourself lost around those charming southern oaks (if your kiddo let’s you do that..).


Food and drink: 

  • Goose Feathers Cafe – opens early until 3pm only. It’s known for amazing breakfast in Savannah, so be prepared for a huge line! Thanks to our little lady, we got her quite early so avoided the wait. It’s a huge choice of sweet and savory breakfasts and lunches. Apparently you need to try mini southern cronuts there, but we missed out on it!
  • The Foundery Coffee Pub – a little out of the way, below the Forsyth Park. Spacious open space coffee place that serves a good brew. It is popular with locals and you will see the familiar laptop crowd in every corner. The place doesnt have much of a character, but serves a pretty good coffee if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • Olde Pink House – part of a historic hotel it is a very popular restaurant/ bar in Savannah. The food was great, but again – focused on chicken and meat. Real South I guess :) Some nice cocktails too and friendly staff, so give it a go.

If you are looking for a lovely mini break, full of good food, relaxing beach time, coffee dates  (and family time)- Savannah is a great choice!

Have you been to Savannah? What was your favorite thing to do?